A Story of Honor, Community, Unity: Ground Zero Volunteers Flag

This article was originally posted on the official Ground Zero Volunteers Flag website, we are simply sharing it raise awareness among our 9/11 Community.

The Ground Zero Flag displayed on 1 Liberty in September 2001. Photograph by: Denise Lutrey Casalinuovo.

Born September 2001 in Lower Manhattan…

Ground Zero Volunteers Flag is a group of strangers who became family while volunteering following the darkest morning in American history.

After the September 11th terrorist attacks, people flocked to the ruins of the Twin Towers and several other destroyed buildings to offer help in any way possible. Providing aid based on each volunteers individual set of skills, many worked tirelessly among First Responders, New York's Finest and Bravest.

Ground Zero Volunteers Flag, originally known as The Ground Zero Flag was founded in 2001 by a few New Yorkers volunteering at Ground Zero. Made and donated by Valley Forge Flags of Pennsylvania, The Flag is 60' X 30' and weighs 92lbs. It was first displayed on 1 Liberty Street, known also as Brooks Brothers Building September 22, 2001 for approximately two months (due to repairs beginning on the damaged building). The Flag assisted in strengthening the fortitude those who responded to the most devastating attack to occur on American soil.

Since 2002, The Flag has been presented for various causes all around New York; including but not limited to: Horse Soldier Dedication, USS New York, USS Intrepid, The New York City Veterans Day Parade, Bronx Veterans Day Parade, Cyclone Stadium, Mets Stadium a.k.a City Field, Salute to America, Band of Pride/Stand Up America Tribute, and the annual September Tribute in Chinatown, NYC.

THE FOUNDERS & 9/11 Community

People Power Makes It Happen

Many strong connections were made between people down at Ground Zero, despite the terrible atrocities that occurred. The Founders of the Flag met down at Ground Zero and "joined forces", each combining different energies, that have helped make our community what it is today...17 years later.

Left to right: Denise Lutrey-Casalinuovo, John Casalinuovo, John Mcguire (Note: John Mcguire is no longer an active member)


The End Is Also The Beginning

The Flag that fortified and united so many people over the years was retired in 2011 due to historical reasons. Thus the group's name officially changed from The Ground Zero Flag to Ground Zero Volunteers Flag in honor of the original Flag's retirement.

It's the "end of an era" but it's not the end of our traditions.

The bonds formed by Ground Zero volunteers of all walks of life are truly unique and unbreakable...That's why 92lbs of cotton hasn't altered that.


A Growing Community

Each year our Ground Zero family grows

We're honored to continue these traditions with our new 60' X 30', 90lb Flag to this day.

Our group's new Flag was thankfully provided again by Valley Forge Flags.

We'd like to give a special thanks to Unifuse for beautifully crafting and donating our custom made Flag case in spring of 2011. It makes makes transporting our Flag to events quicker, simpler and easy.

God Bless Our Veterans and God Bless The United States of America.


If a picture's worth a thousand words, a video's worth a million.

Annual Events

2018 Folding Cermony - Chinatown/Little Italy. New York. Photo by: Cierra Mazzola from GZVF.org

September Tribute

A Tradition of Unity: Ground Zero First Responders, Volunteers, Families, & Veterans

In September of each year our group of Ground Zero volunteers and family members gather to remember our nation's fallen due to 9/11/2001. First The Flag is displayed early September by the volunteers and family members. Next, September 11th there's an open house for the volunteers, first responders, family members who were at Ground Zero in 2001. Last, in mid September The Flag is lowered from the building and folded by our community and people frequenting the adjacent San Gennaro Feast of Little Italy

Veterans Day Parade

11/11 - VETERANS DAY PARADE IN New York City

Every November 11th many of our group of Ground Zero volunteers and family members gather to remember our nation's warriors.

Freedom isn't free. God Bless our troops, our nation and the world.

2016 Veterans Day Parade -5th Avenue, New York. Photo by: Cierra Mazzola from GZVF.org

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