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9/11 Remembered is a traveling memorial designed to bring the September 11th Memorial to everyone, even in the most rural areas of America.

Who began 9/11 Remembered?

Erick Robertson founded 9/11 Remembered with his best friend Pork Chop after volunteering at Ground Zero in 2001.

Why does 9/11 Remembered exist?

9/11 Remembered exists to give all of America access to the September 11th Memorial.

After the events that occurred September 11, 2001, I volunteered at Ground Zero with my best friend Porkchop. The cleanup took a total of nine months before every person left, hand in hand. The event caused unbelievable despair across America and much of the world...and yet, it also created a sense of unity.The memories of Ground Zero are seared into the minds of anyone who responded to "the call" and will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. This is our origin story. Fast forward to September 11, 2011 - the memorial was completed and open for victims families. The following day the public was permitted to visit the memorial. May 21, 2014 the 9/11 Museum was officially opened and finally November 3, 2014 the Freedom Tower opened it's doors. America waited a very long time to memorialize those lost on 9/11...but I believe the wait was worth it. After countless funerals, memorials, charitable events, over the course of the years I still get chills when I go to the site.

All of America deserves to see this memorial...It's my mission to do just that.

What is the mission of 9/11 Remembered?

The Mission of 9/11 Remembered is to give all of America access to the September 11th Memorial.

What is the Vision of 9/11 Remembered?

9/11 Remembered envisions a world where someday we'll be able to share the September 11th Memorial across the world.

Why a traveling memorial, WHEN People can just visit the ONE IN New York...?

There's many people in various walks of life that are simply unable to make it to the Big Apple to see the 9/11 Memorial. Particularly those living in isolated/rural places or people who are facing poverty with out the funds or immediate access to lodging in New York City. Does this sound like you? We want to bring the memorial straight to you!

What are some ways to help 9/11 Remembered?

There are various ways to help us get to the next city. Here are the ways:

  1. Donate

  2. Sponsor

  3. Partner

  4. Use Click4Good.org

Learn more about the ways to help support 9/11 Remembered, click here.

How can I contact the 9/11 Remembered team?

We encourage anyone with a question, request, suggestion or otherwise - to please get in touch with us by way of our Contact Page anytime!

How can I become a partner of 9/11 Remembered?

Partner With Us

Partnering with us enables us to grow in amazing ways...

We have many partners that have aided 9/11 Remembered in becoming who we are today. Join our mission to share this memorial by becoming our partner. Interested? Click here.

How can I become a sponsor of 9/11 Remembered?

Sponsor 9/11 Remembered

Becoming a sponsor of ours means we'll be able to keep moving...

With your sponsorship 9/11 Remembered can continue to travel across the United States. 9/11 Remembered is a non profit 501c3 corporation...Sponsor us by clicking here.

How can I donate to 9/11 Remembered?

General Donation to 9/11 Remembered

Making a general donation is easy and can be done anytime...

9/11 Remembered is a non profit 501c3 corporation. We operate and travel through sponsorship and donations. With your donation 9/11 Remembered can continue to travel across the United States. Make a general donation by clicking this link right here.

What are other ways I can support 9/11 Remembered?

Shop Online? Like Helping Charities? #6SecondsCanChangeTheWorld

Using Click4Good.org helps you help us...

One of our partners, Click4Good.org makes it easy for online shoppers to #DoGood just by using #Click4Good.

We understand that not everyone can afford to donate to our cause ... but if you happen to shop online, help us while buying what you need.Click4Good.org is a startup company based out of New York City, whose mission is to help charities using the power of online shopping. Pick our charity 9/11 Remembered after your purchase. If you forget, don't worry: by design, all charities (including 9/11 Remembered) benefit equally in absence of a charity selection by a user.

No signup, no hidden fees or fuss...just use Click4Good.org or Click4Good App before your begin shopping to help causes such as ours and many other good ones too...Ready? Click here.



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